Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Another month, another book!

Another month, another book! This is the cover art for my second book, Train That Carried The Girl. It is due to be published on Amazon Createspace on 1st February with the Kindle version to follow a week later. It is long: almost 700 pages but it covers almost twenty years of my life following on from Riccarton. I thought about splitting it in two and effectively having a trilogy but when it came to it, the events seemed to flow into one another without any obvious juncture or break, so I decided to wrap up everything in one book.
It is Literary Fiction but regard it as a psychological drama rather than a thriller. Like Riccarton, it features a procession of irredeemably misogynist men [I have met them all, believe me!] so if that isn't to your taste, best give it a miss. Also, there is grimly difficult scene in which I am almost raped and again, you should give the novel a miss if you think that might upset you.