Friday, 30 May 2014


I saw Under The Skin this week, already being claimed a ‘cult classic’ by predominantly male film critics. It was directed by a man called Brian Glazer and stars the American, Scarlett Johansson who is on screen for around 99% of the time. Her glassy performance, as an alien disguised as a woman is quite mesmerising but to be honest, I couldn’t understand it. Were you supposed to have read the book? Who was the guy on the motorcycle? In fact the word Why? was on my mind for most of the film. The musical score is just brilliant and I can’t deny that I was engaged for some of the time. It is shot on location in Glasgow, a city I know well. In the end however, despite the allure of Scarlett  I kind of felt a sense of hubris.
I very much preferred Glazer’s earlier film, Sexy Beast .

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