Monday, 23 June 2014


When we were in Dorset we climbed to the summit of Hod Hill, a Neolithic hill fort described by some archaeologists as the most impressive in Britain. In his text The Ancient Paths, Graham Robb calls Hod Hill an Oppidum, a centre of Druid teaching with ancient paths or 'Pathways to the Sun' radiating from the site. Rather like the Ley Lines at Riccarton Junction except I did not see any vapour trails in the evening sky above me.
The National Trust website describes the views from the top of the hill as the greatest in all of Dorset. I can certainly believe that; they may be the greatest views of anywhere that I have ever been to. But what actually drove us all the way from Northumberland to Dorset [368 miles] by road was the discovery the day before of a fabulous new crop circle.
I cant make up my mind about crop circles. I want to believe but there are so many, too many accounts of crop circle-makers to ignore. Obviously, The Fortean Times remains convinced it is little green men from outer space . . . does anyone still believe in aliens? Time Travellers, Time Travellers, Time Travellers! Get with the program! Either way, the crop circle was simply wonderful. These are our images but there is an arial shot here [copywrited] if you are interested.

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