Monday, 1 September 2014


We have spent a lot of time this summer visiting gardens. A few weeks ago we visited Greysgarth near Lancaster, and then yesterday we went to Scampston Hall Gardens, near Bridlington. They were both quite different; Greysgarth has a stream running through it and has been classically designed to incorporate the landscape and its features. It has been divided into ‘rooms’ each with its own character, shrubs in this one, flowers for cutting in that one, a kitchen garden over here. Not sure it is at its best in late August but it is still lovely and full of interest.
Late August is definitely the time to visit Scampston, however. It is almost the opposite of Greysgarth; there are swathes of identical planting, grasses planted in this corner, wildflower meadows over here, conventional shrubs over there, all from the same limited palette so that everything repeats over and over again. The image above expresses it better than any words.

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