Friday, 2 January 2015


Yesterday we walked all the way round Bolam Lake, which is famous for its swans.


In the afternoon we watched Giselle on TV in a really wonderful 2014 production from ROH starring Natalia Osipova, who was just absolutely breathtaking: running backwards on the tips of her toes; fluttering; flying. Utterly thrilling dancing. Then I heard she had an accident last week, you can read about it here.
Watching ballet on telly is such a compromised experience. You aren’t there in the auditorium, in the ambience, in the moment but unless you have the money for the best seat in the house, and I don’t, you will miss all the little details that the camera picks up, the feathery fingers, the faille assemble leaps, the turns and swoops out of nowhere. Hopping.
Anyway, good luck to Natalia. Hope she makes a full and lasting recovery although it may be that an enforced slow-down is actually what the girl needs at this stage of her career.

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