Thursday, 9 July 2015


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I have recently opened a Pinterest account; anyone interested can search here.
The idea is to illustrate I suppose, aspects of my novels: what does Keilder Forest look like; what might Sacha or Ainslie look like? An image of Hermitage Castle.

You don’t want to overdo it. Part of reading is imagining but sometimes it can be helpful to see pictures of places.

It’s good fun, actually. There are some terrific boards out there, overwhelmingly it seems pinned by young American girls. Yesterday, I came across a board with 650 images of witches and this morning a board with almost 500 faeries. Get a life, you might think but in fact what happens is you take a day to set up your themes and then every so often when you have fifteen minutes to spare you search your themes and if you find something you like or is appropriate for one of your boards, you pin it. It’s always a work in progress therefore.

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