Sunday, 23 August 2015


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Wednesday is derived in English from the Norse god Woden [Wodens-day]; the bringer of death and war.

Last Wednesday was a particularly bad day for the world. Khaled al-Asaad the 80-year old Syrian scholar and keeper of antiquities at Palmyra was beheaded by ISIS because he would not tell them where he had hidden the ancient treasures. They tied a placard to his corpse, accusing him of apostasy of all things. Apostasy? Converting to another religion? Why would anyone, anywhere want to be part of a religion that digs up ancient statues to sell on the black market; that sets landmines under Palmyra  which they threaten to destroy if ransom isn’t paid; rapes  girls as young as seven, marries off twelve-year old virgins to ‘fighters’; murders 

Can’t begin to describe how shocking this is. There was someone on the BBC the other day who called ISIS a Death Cult and suggesting the world treats them as such. What do think, Vlad? Just another pawn in your Great Game?

The day before and almost unreported here . . . couldn’t find a word about it in the Sun or the Daily Mail . . . [our readers aren’t interested in that kind of thing] they bulldozed the 5thC Monastery of St Eliane in Syria. According to The Guardian, they abducted 230 Christians both men and women and now no-one knows where they are or what happened to them. This must have been what it was like in Bohemia in 1940; no-one knows what happened to them. But we got this nice house and garden and have lived here ever since they left. No, I don’t think they are coming back.

And then, on the same day, Mr Barrack Obama agreed to sanction drilling for oil in the Arctic. Anyone know why?  Not me. This is a terrible signal to the world. China, Brazil, Indonesia  et al can go back to their polluting ways with complete impunity; the Japanese can hunt and kill every whale in the ocean; nothing, nothing that the US ever says about climate change will make the slightest impression upon them. Great Barrier Reef, destroyed. All free animals now facing certain extinction; carbon emissions through the roof. If America doesn’t care, why should we?

What a legacy, Mr President.

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