Tuesday, 12 January 2016


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I was never a big Bowie fan. Girls loved him though. Tons of stuff on the web today and there is no question that he was a major songwriting talent.

I thought he nicked his image pretty blatantly from Marc Bolan but on the web there is no mention of Tyrannosaurus Rex, only Warhol and the Velvet Underground. Maybe Bolan stole from them; it’s all too long ago. Never cared for the Velvet Underground much or Lou Reed but Peel turned me on to Nico and I thought she was fab, albeit in small doses. Someone called Gearbox records has just issued a 12 inch 45rpm EP of her 1971 BBC session, Janitor of Lunacy from Desert Shore etc . A singer songwriter, I suppose and I always love those but with a harmonium instead of a guitar.

Bowie, yes some good tunes. I bought Station to Station and liked it. It’s very much of its time however and I haven’t played it in decades. I thought he lacked soul if I am being completely honest.

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