Wednesday, 29 June 2016


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A sad loss to the world.

One of the innovators of 20th Century music who cemented that fantastic Hillbilly guitar sound in what was to later become Rock'n'Roll that literally changed the musical and cultural landscape. A true musical legend.

When I went to Sun Studios in 1986, long before it became the t-shirt tourist trap it is now, I stood where he stood. I stood where he magicked up the incredible second break on Tryin’ To Get To You and of course his Meisterwork, Mystery Train. Yeah, yeah Little Juniors Blue Flames had a workable template but Scotty made it a moment of genius. As Keef says, ‘Everybody wanted to be Elvis, but I wanted to be Scotty’.

Just a brief postscript: I turned down the chance to meet Marion Keisker on that trip. Unbelievable, but true. We had to catch a bus to New Orleans that day but found ourselves in the Marriot coffee shop next to two journalists from Germany who had arranged a meeting with her, that afternoon and invited us along. Never been so conflicted; the woman who discovered Elvis.

You can listen here and drool.

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