Thursday, 17 November 2016


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Been a big fan of Angela Bassett for many years, probably since Whats Love Got To Do With It which she carried entirely on her own shoulders. I’ve seen Waiting to Exhale, which I didn’t care for at all and Strange Days which I wasn’t fussed about either although her own contribution was outstanding. IMDb calls her captivating, gifted and sensational: I would go along with that. In a recent interview she says: I am living my dream and preparing myself and trying to give the best I can today. I bring all of me today. Amen. I have tried to follow the same philosophy all my life.

She was nominated for Best Actress in the 1994 Oscars in a particularly strong field of Debra Winger for Shadowlands; Holly Hunter for The Piano; Stockard Channing for Six degrees of Separation and Emma Thomson for The Remains of the Day. I guess the OscarsSoWhite movement hadn’t been invented back then.

She has a good role on UK TV at the moment in Close to the Enemy which has received mixed reviews but which I like a lot. She plays Eva a post-war jazz singer and band leader; a fairly minor role for which Poliakoff was lucky to acquire her. 

When you check-out her website you are immersed in a world of Michelle Obama and black political culture; so refreshing to see someone of her stature putting it out there.

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