Monday, 27 February 2017


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We have just managed to fight off two scams; one on the 25th January when they claimed to be from BT, offering to speed up the Broadband connection and the other last Wednesday when they said they were from Microsoft. Despite all the anti-virus, scam and security software I have on here, they just waltzed in and took over the computer. How do they do that?

First virus took a week to clean and I still had to restore literally everything after that myself. Everything, every single thing. Second virus also took a week to clean and I am still restoring all my websites as we speak.

Obviously they were trying to get our account details and God did they try but unfortunately for them, I don’t do Internet Banking. Then they tried to get me to open an account with Bitcoin and I would have done it too because I still thought it was a genuine call at that stage [stupidly, on reflection] but again, I don’t have my phone Internet-enabled precisely because of scams/hackers so I couldn’t connect to Bitcoin.

So they had to give up [or ask me directly for my Visa card details].

Subsequently I spoke to my bank and to the police and neither of them could explain how scammers can just seize someone’s computer . . . ‘They’re very clever’ . . . unquote. They are the scourge of our times.

What a way to make a living: stealing, lying, scamming, thieving, I don’t know how they live with themselves but I have no doubt that they will try again. Trust me guys, when you think back to how you made your money, how you fed your children when you examine your life, I am sure you will find that it wasn’t worth living.

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