Friday, 7 April 2017


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This is a Lotus Cortina, haven’t seen one in years, must be fifty-years old minimum but I saw one today, they were filling up with petrol. When I was a kid, they were the dream machines for every lad. Not cheap but they were the real deal: real Lotus engine; real Lotus gearbox and suspension. All by the big names in racing at the time: Cosworth, Jim Clark, Colin Chapman who did so much later to establish British F1 Racing.

Never so much as sat in one never mind drive it . . . way out of my league. They had a tachometer and a wood steering wheel and of course the touch of genius, the green stripe. What a marketing trick.

They’re worth a small fortune now: there are several on the Internet for £30000 and more; there is even one at £45k.





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