Wednesday, 28 June 2017


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When we went to the wedding a few weeks ago I caught up with my cousin from Canada who had flown over specially from Toronto. He brought his wife Debbie with him and I had forgotten but Debbie is an ice-skating teacher. Full time. She must be ace; didn’t say so or admit to being ace but she is now in her early sixties and been doing that job for forty-years or so and there can’t be anything she can’t or hasn’t achieved in that world.
Teaches kids from age four up to twelve. Both boys and girls.
Gosh, she was interesting. Has had many future ice-hockey stars through her classes over the years as well as ice dance girls who later achieved Olympic standard. I asked her if she could spot the ones who would go on to greatness in their later years but she said not really, and often it was all down to pushy parents whether they became millionaire Major League players, or simply faded. She named one or two but they were meaningless to me, not living in North America. Apparently, Lacrosse is the national game of Canada; Ice-hockey is the national game of both Russia and the Czech Republic.
Despite being a born and bred Canadian she named Torvill and Dean as the greatest ever ice dancers.

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