Sunday, 14 June 2015


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Godfather [1]
Godfather [2]
The Cruel Sea
Bourne Supremacy
Terminator [1]
Terminator [2]
Loving You 

They are not in any particular order. I saw all of Elvis’ early films four or five times; from memory, I saw Loving You ten times. I absolutely adored the sequence where he presses a button on the jukebox and up comes the backing track to Mean Woman Blues. They don’t make them like that anymore. I have seen Terminator [1] four or five times; we studied it on my film editing course. Still not sick of it. I saw Gladiator the first week of its release in San Antonio Texas; everyone in the audience seemed to be blabbing on their mobile phones their cells, unbelievably terrible experience. Who or what could be more interesting than Maximus fighting tigers. So as soon as it was released here, I went to see it. Another film I must have seen ten times is Easy Rider. It was only on in the UK in one London cinema so we hired a transit and drove to London especially to see it. Queues were round the block; you had to wait until the previous audience had exited before you were allowed in. We were so blown away that when we came out, we went to the back of the new queue and waited all over again to watch it for a second time.

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