Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Image result for lawson art fidden mullImage result for lawson art COTTAGE AT MALACLEIT

We have just bought a couple of new pictures by someone called Ron Lawson, a Scottish artist I am afraid I have never heard of before. He is very popular, I think: could be the new Jack Vettriano. Hated by critics, loved by the public.
Whatever. The first one is called, Fidden, Mull and the second one is titled, Cottage at Malacleit, North Uist [which must have taken some finding, by the way, when we were on North Uist, we never saw any house anywhere on the Island that looked anything like this image]. I guess that’s the attraction, an artwork of somewhere you have been; somewhere you were uplifted by and you want that memory on your walls. For a while anyway.

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