Friday, 5 December 2014


I have been to Rotherham perhaps twice in my life. I used to go to neighbouring Sheffield a lot, we did numerous projects there, but almost nothing in Rotherham apart from Magna. Its a former steel town, like Sheffield and according to the Council website they cast iron there as far back as Roman times.

Now of course, if you mention Rotherham to any adult in the UK they immediately think, Child Abuse.

Recently, I read an article which said that the child abuse by Asian men wasn’t racial. It wasn’t Asian men preying upon young white girls for sex.

Never heard that argument before.

What the writer was saying effectively was that it was more about the Night-time Economy. People who work nights, in Northern Industrial towns like Rotherham such as taxi-drivers, or who do shifts at fast-food outlets tend to be predominately Asian men, and the kind of young girls who are around at night, still out on the street are the vulnerable, lonely, troubled girls, perhaps on drugs, perhaps on cheap alcohol perhaps just needing food who seek, who need, the warmth and love that they cannot find at home, or elsewhere. So, when the law of averages kicks in it is a small minority of a small minority that are taking advantage of the girls chaotic lifestyles, for their own evil purposes. Male power, simple and straightforward.

The author isn’t in any way denying that Asian men groomed white girls; I think he is just trying to say that there was no racial or ‘religious’ motive. It wasn’t a jihad.

Its an interesting idea that I hadn’t heard before, so I thought I would put it up here.

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