Sunday, 7 December 2014


THESE FADED THINGS: Rosacoke Mustian ThumbnailThis is an image of a woman called Rosacoke Mustian. She is a fashion designer based in North Carolina. Very Interesting. She is showing one of her own dresses. Very interesting.
Okay so you might not give it a second glance.
Until you read the caption:
‘I say that Rosacoke is an unlikely muse for a fashion editorial because clothes only play a minor role in her life. She works in a store most days, and if she does dress up she’s probably going to church. She’s a character with a great deal of common sense and a surprising lack of frivolity. While the Southern belle  dresses up to impress a lover, Rosacoke does the opposite. When Rosacoke’s sometime-boyfriend Wesley Beavers comes back home after a long absence, Rosacoke makes sure she has on “nothing fancy, nothing but the pale blue dress and the sweater she wore any evening when she had worked all day.” She is too stubborn to play the flirt, too sensible to pretend to be anyone other than Rosacoke.’
Good innit? And all of a sudden incredibly erotic.

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