Thursday, 22 October 2015


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A weird list has appeared on the Internet of best ever assembled cast for a movie. There is only one winner of this contest: Bobby, Al, Val and the great John Voight but they are punting, Pulp Fiction [of course], Oceans Twelve [eeek], something called The Expendables [Sly, Jet Li and someone called Dolph] plus about fifty other crap films.

Anyone seen Rob Roy? It has an amazing cast of actors: Liam Neeson within a year or so of leaving Brian Friel and the Irish stage; Brian Cox in his best ever role before he began parodying himself; Tim Roth, so great that he won a best-supporting actor nomination at the Oscars. John Hurt: brilliantly evil; and a terrific Scottish actor called Brian McCardie who these days you only see on TV in stuff like Rebus but was just electric in this.

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