Sunday, 11 October 2015


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Late junction is the best single piece of broadcasting in any medium that I have seen or heard, probably since the very early days of John Peel on Radio 1. I said any medium so I am including things like 7-Up and the first Prime Suspect, generally regarded as the benchmarks of great television. You could, one could find quite a few episodes of Frazier or Bilko that are or were better but for consistency, nothing compares with Late Junction. Can I qualify that? Nothing compares with Late Junction when hosted by the genius, Verity Sharp. Here is her playlist from last Wednesday:
Chris Wood & Andy Cutting
Galope de la Malbaie / Homage à Edmond Parizeau

La Chavannée
Les Chauffeurs

Scanner & David Rothenberg
Tingit Death Song

Boubacar Traoré

Aka Pygmies of Central Africa

Gerard Cousins
The Sound of One Hand Clapping 

Alfredo & David Lagos

Béla Bartók
Hungarian Folksongs from the Csík District

Fehér üröm

Danny Diamond
The Green Fields of America / My Love is in America

Hillfolk Noir
Round I Sing/Mile on Up

Paolo Angeli
Mancina / Vlora / Blu di Prussia

So, you’ve got solo classical piano music followed by North African chanting followed by Hillfolk Noir singing and playing North American Appalachian mountain music on banjo and fiddle followed by pure, non- commercial Spanish Fado followed by Malian electric guitar stuff. One after another. This is real radio. God, I love this stuff.


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