Thursday, 26 May 2016


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It would have been my father’s birthday today. He was a Gemini, RIP. I am not a Gemini, my birthday is in March so I am a Pisces. I love the month of March, the cold but just on the turn, full of expectancy; the daffodils, my favourite flower. But May is good too: the birds and the bees arriving out of their hibernation.

I got to thinking that so many people I have known are Geminis; my daughter; my sister-in-law; my best friend at school; a girl I was deeply in love with once. It’s a long list.
Clustering is when nodes [events or people] cluster together for no apparent reason and above average probability. Checking out the traits of a Gemini, it says they are witty and humorous; enthusiastic; versatile and are blessed with excellent communication skills, all qualities that conjure human decency at its fullest weight and pitch that I would seek in a friend or work-colleague.

I no longer really believe in the stars and star-signs but something strikes a chord here.

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