Saturday, 3 September 2016


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I bought a bottle of wine today for £20.00 . . . most I have ever paid . . . and that only because someone gave me a gift token for £15.00. To be honest, I had been hoping to get two bottles @£7.50ea, with change.

My brother gave me an expensive bottle of wine for my birthday ten years ago and when I opened it, I dropped it on the [tiled] kitchen floor so today’s bottle will be the most expensive I have ever drunk. It’s a New Zealand vintage called Mount Barker Riesling 2014.

Why would anyone pay £20.00 for a bottle of wine? It is beyond my comprehension; you could buy four books for that; two cinema tickets; a semi-decent meal; or, as we are doing next Tuesday, a train to York and back. If you consult the experts they talk about oak casks, not oak shavings in stainless steel barrels; sorting good grapes from bad [by hand]; hand picking from the vine rather than by machine, all of which affect the quality. In fact the expert I have been talking to claims that all wine should be £20.00 bottle because by the time you take off VAT and duty all the producer really gets is about £5.00 for all his work and investment. It’s a fair point, I think.

Later. Yes it’s very nice.

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