Tuesday, 6 September 2016


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Isn’t this brilliant?

Naga is an ancient city in modern-day Sudan. Only accessible via sand tracks, it sits about fifty kilometres east of the Nile and is a three-hour drive from Khartoum. It is one of the largest historic sites in the country and contains the ruins of an ancient city that was once one of the centres of the Kingdom of Meroë. Naga is believed to have been a trading station and a significant link between the Mediterranean and Africa. The site has two notable temples – one devoted to the Egyptian deity Amun and the other to the Nubian lion god Apedemak, which has a Roman kiosk nearby. The site is at the foot of the Jebel Naga mountain, situated near a wadi [a desert valley] with an artesian well nearby to which Bedouin herders bring their flocks to drink. Apart from a small watch house and a temporary archaeologists’ building, the area appears completely unspoiled.

The museum building is designed by David Chipperfield Architects, I mean who else could come up with something like this? Sympathetic doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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